The only appointment to the world that promotes situated and archaeological destinations creating integration between various cultures


....The Exchange is intended to:
....Promote archaeological sites and destinations, creating integration between different cultures.
....Favour the commercialisation of specific tourist products.
....Contribute to fighting seasonal phenomena.
Increase cultural events and financial and employment related opportunities

The initiatives

Conferences and round tables
Laboratories of Experimental
Antonella Fiammenghi Award
Paestum Archaeology Award
• Guided Visits
Exhibition Hall
Workshop with the foreign buyers

The Exhibitors

• Institutions
• National Tourism Boards
• Regional, Provincial and
...Municipal Authorities
• Chambers of Commerce
...Tourism Promotion Companies
...Local Tourist Systems
• Superintendents
• Archaeological Parks
• Associations of the category
• Tourism Consortiums
• Service and Publishing Companies

The Visitors

• Cultural and tourist operators the public and private sectors
• National cultural and tourist
• Associations, Archaeologists
...and Superintendents

• Archaeological Groups and
...Archeoclub, Universities
...Schools, Information Entities

The Social Program
• Guided tours of the archaeological sites in the province and in the region

Organization, Coordination and Implementation
Provincia di Salerno Settore Turismo e Cultura
Via Roma, 104 84121 Salerno
tel ++39 089 614259 - 614393
Fax ++39 089 253434
Concept and Management
Ugo Picarelli Leader s.a.s.
Via Roma, 226 - 84121 Salerno
tel. 089.253170 fax 089.253238
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